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Jura beige has a touch of golden yellow, noble and elegant. It is a popular limestone at home and abroad. Jura beige has a modern European style and a magnificent of Chinese style. It can be widely used for decoration, interior and exterior wall, floor,step,paving . 
The finishes include polished ,honed, sandblasted ,acid antiqued and bush-hammered,etc.It is the hotel and villa engineering ,as well as high-grade decoration of the preferred materials.It is suitable for large area use, good abrasive resistance, not easy to aging and long service life. 
Jura Beige (4)
Jura Beige (3)
Most of the customer prefer the Jura Beige middle color blocks or more deep stone to be wall cladding, since slab texture are most dense and durable, the color would be more pure and consistent, normal cladding are rectangle shape, for example Our factory also can make the Door Frame products as per the sketch, the CAD files would be the best method to be sure of very accurate dimension.
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Jura Beige is one of the most popular beige limestone.. It matches well with other construction materials like glass, metal frame and wood. No matter for ancient style or contemporary style, it can work well. 
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Jura Beige split into rectangular and square pieces of free sizes of 15~40*5~30*2~3.5cm and corner size of height 5~15 * 2~3.5cm, easy to stick to exterior and interior wall, road edge as well. It has good resistance to thawing and freezing. With the chance of modern life concept, wall stone has been widely used by designers from domestic and foreign.
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From the same project, we are always suggesting our customer to choose stone material from the same quarry or layers of our Jure Beige.,for example, wall cladding, door frame, interior floor pavers, stair steps, antiqued baluster,etc,
The engineering layout is very necessary and important to make sure every stone parts come to the same taste and style, in most case, a little bit color variation should be acceptable, sometimes it make Jura begie this natural limestone are much more amazing decoration effect.
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Jura Beige actually this material is belong to limestone range, we often call it the sedimentary rock, there are many different layer from the quarry, normally Top layer texture is a little bit soft, the color are light, Not so beige, we can see lots of round spots on the slab.
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Jura beige limestone is available in various tile sizes as per customers’ different requirement. We can select consistent color or mix in different colors for flooring. Since it’s hard, acid resist, corrosion resist, high temperature resist, cold resist and endurable, architects and builders love to use this Jura beige limestone for both commercial and home decoration. Its appearance and color can be maintained for more than a century.
Jura Beige (5)
Jura Beige is very attractive stone, its color can make you feel relax, warm and easeful. On the other hand, this material can be widely used in different products, a large application including cills, quoins, pier and wall caps, pillars and arches, fireplaces, paving slabs and building stone.
Jura beige Limestone is a magnificent golden marble with medium variations. It is recommended for interior design projects and is the perfect choice to create stunning accent walls and marble tile floors throughout residential and commercial properties. Polished, honed, and brushed finished slabs are available as well as a wide array of coordinating floor tiles, wall tiles, and mosaic. Jura beige can be also be used as cobble stone, the sizes are 10x10cm,20x20cm
It is like beige limestone, however the color is more uniform and the prices are more favorable.
Jura Beige (11)
Jura Beige (12)
Jura Beige is available in Tiles, Slabs and Mosaics.  The unique veining makes a beautiful impression , it is becoming one of the most prominent beige limestone and available in different kinds of finish, recommending for both interior and exterior use .
Jura Beige (10)
We get used to take Jura beige as one kind of marble. Actually it is original and genuine limestone material. Due to it has big advantages of soft colors, fine veins, hard character and good weather resistance. Jura beige is widely used for big projects and large-scale buildings including high-end villa. Hotel. Center Mall. Tower etc. You can see it everywhere. Where there are buildings there are jura beige.
Jura Beige (9)
Jura Beige honed paver , it is quite beautiful  look base on beige background with brown and white splashes, meanwhile, Jura Beige is extremely durable and hard wearing, So Jura Beige is a excellent choice for your project.
Jura beige paver thickness can be 10mm or 15mm thickness as standard and also available in 20mm or any other size specified, as a special order.
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Meanwhile we have a strong team in working together to make sure our clients are happy with our products and excellent customer service. We are a well established company and specialized in high quality cut stone and supported by years of experience and know-how, we focus in particular on the composition of our branded products, applying strict quality controls and actively selecting our raw materials.
About Jura Beige Marble / Jura Beige Limestone
China Jura Beige has very uniform beige background color with very soft and gentle dim veins running through harmoniously. It is a warm, clean and bright color, applicable to a variety of architectural styles. Especially, it will get a miracle-looking when designed for a big project. 
Although China Jura Beige is normally called marble. It actually belongs to yellow limestone. In this case, it is not like natural marbles, which are good for interior usage only. For Jura Beige, you don’t need worrying about where it is suitable for. It can be used for both interior and exterior area like swimming pool or outdoor walling stone, even under bad weather. So, when you have no idea which marble to use for your project, come to Jura Beige. It will never let you down.
What’s more, it has super competitive price. Therefore, Jura Beige Marble has become a well-known building material.
Physical data:
Density: 2.69g/cm
Water absorption: 0.23% 
Compressive strength: 88.00Mpa 
Dry flexural strength: 10.00Mpa 
Mohs hardness: 4.6 
Gloss: 89.2 
Comparing with marbles, Jura Beige has many advantages:
(1)Good decorative performance--- Beige in color with delicate and uniform texture, Jura Beige Limestone is beige tone, a most popular color for decoration with simple but elegant; does not contain radiation. With excellent processing performance: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc. 
(2) Durable and hard---No easy aging, with long service life say 60-80 years. 
(3) Stable supply---The quarry is stable and huge, with big volume available for tens of years.
(4) Special characters---anti-frozen, non-conductive, non-magnetic.
(5) More common finishes---polished, honed, acid, sandblasted, tumbled antique and even flamed (by thermal, it gets a little bit red).
In one word, China Jura Beige limestone has much wider application range. It is absolutely more suitable for large area use, either for interior or exterior wall & ground.